Первым 5 покупателям в Esentai City – подарки!
Место: Esentai City
First 5 customers have a special price for an apartment 700000 tenge per square meter. Nauryz is a celebration of the awakening of nature, spring and new hopes. Specially for Nauryz, we have prepared gifts that will help you fulfill your dream. Esentai City has a special price for the first 5 customers in the second construction line - 700,000 tenge per square meter. We will also give you a certificate for free development of an interior design with 3D visualization, a partition plan and a plan for arranging furniture, and also a certificate for a 10% discount on Miele appliances in “ACAPELL” salon. Validity of certificates: until May 31, 2020. Living in Esentai City means stunning architecture, a high level of comfort, and the incredible city-in-city infrastructure. Further information in the sales department: Ospanova, 22a, +7 702 550 6699.
Телефоны: +77085506699
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