Праздничные блюда с доставкой!
Место: TAL Cafe & Restaurant
Friends, we want to congratulate you on the holiday of Nauryz! Celebrate #Nauryzathome among the closest people with delicious national dishes from the TAL restaurant! From March 22nd to March 24th inclusive you can order our special holiday set, which includes: Nauryz kozhe, holiday pilaf, baursaki, chak-chak and kumis. Set price per person 4500 tenge. Also, oriental dishes on the menu of the TAL restaurant can be selected on the website delivery.pgr.kz. We will help you to cover the festive dastarkhan at home! #Bizbirgemiz! We accept orders for delivery by prior notice by phone: +7 777 650 4433. Orders for the holiday set can be made on March 22-24 from 11.00 to 21.00, for dishes on the menu - every day on weekdays and weekends from 10.00 to 22.00.
Телефоны: +77776504433
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