Радость дня!
Место: Parmgiano Group

Dear friends, we have increased the amount of payment with bonuses, and we suggest you seize the special offers in our restaurants! Choose what you want to spend a part of your bonuses on when paying the bill – for a dozen oysters and chilled prosecco at the Mediterranean Restaurant, for lunch, home-style delicious in Olivier or Crudo, for the bright summer Pinot Grigio in Parmigiano, and maybe you want to go relax in the high-mountain hotel-restaurant S.N.e.G, paying partly for accommodation with bonuses, or have a look at Sunset at Happy Hours 🥂 In our restaurants you will find something for yourself, something that will definitely warm your soul! 😉
Come visit us, enjoy the food and the atmosphere, and our team will help you with information and choice!
More information about the bonuses: +7 777 666 33 11

Телефоны: +77776663311
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