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Место: Esentai City

The second of three (!) Super-offers! 750,000 tenge per square meter in Esentai City IV, the special quarter of the “city in the city”. Esentai City IV is 8 monolithic four-story houses. All apartments here have a ceiling height of 3.3 meters, and there is also an underground parking available. This offer is valid only for 10 apartments and only at 100% payment. Why is it profitable in terms of investment? Because the price of such apartments will increase, and we are confident in this, and even offer to buy it from you at a price of 900,000 tenge per square meter in 18 months! That is, when buying an apartment with an area of ​​165 square meters, your income will be 20% (13.33% per year) for 18 months or 24,750,000 tenge (with reference to the exchange rate)!
Call and book your apartment: + 7 777 830 51 51, +7 777 830 55 77
We also have great offers for apartments in the third line of Esentai City and for the purchase of boutiques in the Shopping Village.

Телефоны: +77778305151
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