Выгода – 50 000 000 тенге!
Место: Esentai City

We would like to bring your attention to a great opportunity to purchase a boutique in Shopping Village Esentai City, a shopping area with restaurants and shops of world brands. The offer is limited – 7 boutiques ranging from 113 to 250 m2, at a special price – 900,000 tenge per square meter (regular price here: 1,200,000). And, most importantly, we guarantee that the price of boutiques will increase, and even offer you a buyback in 18 months at a price of 1,100,000 tenge per square meter. Hence the total benefit when buying one boutique – 200,000 tenge (price difference) we multiply by 250 square meters and we get 50,000,000 tenge. Profitable? And also it is guaranteed profitability – 14.81% per year or 22.22% for 18 months.
Call and book one of the five boutiques: + 7 777 830 51 51, +7 777 830 55 77
We also have advantageous offers for apartments in the Esentai City IV quarter and in the third line of construction in Esentai City.

Телефоны: +77778305151
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