О ресторане

A new, first-class, family-like cozy and at the same time stylish and modern restaurant - an allied tandem of Beybit Alibekov and Parmigiano Group.
The main thing that the chef of the restaurant Ilyas Arshidinov adheres to is the preservation of the natural tastes of the products. Lithuanian beetroot with baked potatoes, carrot hummus with baked zucchini, mint yogurt and pomegranate, beef stew with green perlotto and prunes are convincing in terms of taste balance, serving and fit perfectly into the gastronomic concept of the restaurant.
Pay special attention to the mango-mango dessert and the extensive breakfast menu dominated by cheese cakes, brioche, and shakshuka.

Средний чек: 10.000-15.000
Кухня: European
Время работы:
Пн-Чт 08:00-24:00 Пт-Сб 10:00-02:00 Вс 10:00-24:00
Посадочных мест: 40
Ilyas Arshidinov
Ilyas Arshidinov
Chef Ilyas Arshidinov has been working at Parmigiano Group since 2016. He began his career in the company from the high-mountain restaurant S.N.e.G, then moved to the position of sous chef at Crudo steakhouse, and in March 2020 he joined the ranks of the culinary battalion of Esentai City restaurants. Ilyas's professional experience was formed on gastronomy with a focus on European and Pan-Asian cuisine. The chef loves to experiment and create new things, often adds his own signature touch to the “standards” - he mixes different methods of cooking, and now he is working towards the molecular method of making sauces.
Владимир Шуляк
Бренд-шеф Alibekov Cafe, повар с более чем 25-летним опытом работы в индустрии, проходил обучение в кулинарной академии CREA и кулинарной школе Bruno Goussault под патронатом Joel Robuchon. Работал в ресторанах Великобритании, Австрии, США и России, с ресторанными группами Novikov и Ginza project. Запускал масштабные проекты, такие как Mari Vanna и ресторанная зона Expo 2020 в Дубае, открыл более 40 ресторанов.
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