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The noble hospitality of the Georgian people is reflected in every detail of the Georgian Restaurant - from chandeliers in the form of national dress to traditional ceramics and ornaments on the walls. Georgia is a country full of friendliness and bright colors, which are fully reflected in the menu of the restaurant's chef Andro Skhirtladze. He cooks everything that his homeland is famous for. In our restaurant, they rest noisily and on a grand scale, with respect and love. Gamarjoba, genatsvale!

Средний чек: 7000
Кухня: Georgian
Время работы:
Посадочных мест: 40
VIP-зона: нет
Andro Skhirtladze
Andro Skhirtladze
Andro Skhirtladze is from Tbilisi, where he worked as a cook in a famous restaurant. He brought authentic Georgian recipes of khinkali, chashushuli, kharcho, shkmeruli, chakhokhbili, and khachapuri from Tbilisi - Andro cooks all this and much more in our restaurant. The most important thing for Andro is to feed his guests well, so that the dishes are enjoyable, and the guests get to know the culture and incredible hospitality of his home - Georgia.
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