Çok Havali Turkish Esentai City

О ресторане

Çok Havali is a true gastronomic paradise. Chef Feizullah Kilic conveys the authentic atmosphere and gastronomic philosophy of Turkey. Aromatic kebabs, spicy soups, juicy vegetables and desserts melting in your mouth - the national dishes of Turkish cuisine in Çok Havali are incomparable. Look out for iskender kebabs made from thin slices of baked beef and lamb on a flatbread soaked in hot sauce and served with cold thick yogurt - a hearty and incredibly tasty dish. Also flawless baklava with a scoop of Parmigiano ice cream.
A chamber cozy restaurant with excellent cuisine.
Traditional Turkish breakfast all day

Средний чек: 10 000
Время работы:
10:00 – 23:00
Посадочных мест: 10:00 – 23:00
VIP-зона: no
Feyzullah Kilich
Фейзуллах Кылыч
Gaziantep, Turkey
Feizullah showed his passion for cooking since childhood: he watched how elders cook in his family with interest, so he started working in restaurants early. He misses his hometown Gaziantep and the sea, but is in love with Almaty, and enjoys cooking dishes of national Turkish cuisine for all fans. The Çok Havali restaurant (translated from Turkish as “cool”) is an eastern treasure on the territory of the Esentai City residential complex. Chef Feizullah prepares hearty, bright and beautiful dishes - appetizers and salads, vegetable side dishes, meat dishes, and sweets. Its menu includes classic Ottoman products - beans, chickpeas, cheese, lots of vegetables and greens, meat, pistachios, pomegranate grains, lemon juice and olive oil. Traditional Turkish coffee and oriental sweets - baklava and Sultac rice pudding.
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