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Ideal steaks in Almaty. The CRUDO chef is good in making both classic and alternative steaks of any doneness. Steaks are made of tender New Zealand and Kazakhstan beef fed with grain and grass. Apart from the main steaks menu, you can order original snacks, soups, salads and business lunches in CRUDO.

“Real steak experts also visit us. I remember one of the guests telling that after tasting our New-York steak, he felt he was carried away to the Big Apple City, inhaled the odors of Fifth Avenue in autumn and took a walk on Manhattan. It was the best compliment for me as a cook. Possibly, we work for such moments.”

Dilshad Nizamov, CRUDO chef

Средний чек: 8000 - 10 000
Кухня: European, American
Время работы:
12:00 – 23:00
Посадочных мест: 107
VIP-зона: 15
Dilshad Nizamov
Dilshad Nizamov, the chef of Crudo restaurants, is in love with meat with all his heart and knows literally everything about steaks. After graduating from a specialized Kazakh college, Dilshad honed his skills with the best Moscow chefs. In particular, he completed an internship at Goodman, a Russian steakhouse, with a concept that is very close to that of Crudo. Dilshad believes that every nuance counts. That is why all the details are taken into account in the preparation of meat, from the feed that the livestock receives, the surrounding climate and water, and ending with the precisely calculated time of holding the meat during the dry aging process. Having tasted Dilshad's steaks, you will understand that the best meat is served not in Europe or America, but here in Almaty - in Crudo steak houses.
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