Parmigiano Italiano

О ресторане

The first restaurant of the Parmigiano Group in Almaty, which opened its doors in 2011.
In the upcoming year, Parmigiano restaurant will celebrate its 10th anniversary! During this time, Parmigiano has acquired constant admirers - lovers of Italian cuisine. Parmigiano still delights its followers with high-status dishes and the best seafood. There is always a choice in the restaurant's aquarium: various types of oysters, lobsters and king crab.
Parmigiano has one of the best wine collections in which Italian wines are central.

Средний чек: 15000
Кухня: Italian
Время работы:
12:00 – 23:00
Посадочных мест: 188
VIP-зона: 15 seats
Andrey Golosheikin
Andrey Golosheikin
Moscow, Russia
Andrey Golosheikin is a cook with many years of experience. Being sure that the most important thing in the kitchen is the atmosphere and quality products. Andrey spent a lot of time in the kitchen with his Italian colleagues, and also lived and worked in Italy. He knows not only Italian cuisine well, but also the tastes of Italians, who love their family and delicious food more than anything else. In the Parmigiano restaurant, through his dishes, Andrey conveys the true spirit of Italy to the guests. In every dish you will feel - a warm breeze, waves of the Mediterranean and sun-drenched Tuscan hills.
Moscow, Russia
Pizzayolo Enali Urazov knows everything about pizza! And most of all he likes to work with batter, from which an extraordinary Neapolitan pizza is made. Enali prepares the dough according to traditional Italian recipe, carefully choosing the ingredients. He bakes a flat cake from unleavened dough in a wood-burning oven, from where it comes out - a ruddy and aromatic pizza with a fluffy crispy crust on the edges and a juicy filling.
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Dayana Nasyrova, sommelier, Parmigiano Ristorante Italiano. The brand chief-sommelier of the Parmigiano Group. Awards and achievements: TOP-50 Best Sommeliers of the World 2019. Best Sommelier of Kazakhstan 2019. Winner
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